Lexus Enhancement

UX, UI Design + Direction @Hellocomputer

01. introduction
Lexus South Africa tasked Hellocomputer with a simple reskin of the Lexus website. The goal was to enhance overall user experience and display a more premium brand appealing to their core target market.
02. Case study 
03. approach
To achieve maximum ROI for our client, I focussed my attention on key performance indicators to conducted an extensive UX audit. The UX audit consisted of data analysis, heuristics evaluation and best in class analysis.
04. Crafting the Experience
Utilising the findings from the data analysis, I was able to pinpoint key problem areas of the website as well as gather further insight into the target markets online behaviour. 
Heuristics evaluation identified design improvements to address the problem areas and assisted in creating a seamless user experience. The best in class analysis uncovered international trends that equipped me with industry leading solutions. 

My data driven design approach as described above led to the following enhancements...
05. Results
In 3 months of launching, the following results were achieved:
Other improvements include a 7.2% increase in returning visits, 121.13% increase in user sessions, 18.27% increase in page views and 126.46% increase in mobile usage.

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