MBlife Digimag


01. introduction
MBlife is the extension of the Mercedes-Benz brand from the product into its diverse lifestyle; it inspires you to explore, experience and have fun – in your car and the world around you. It is, at the heart, a content platform full of articles written specifically for the site and the target market. MBLife is not limited to the Mercedes-Benz product but spreads the brand into every aspect of the lifestyle that its owners live.  
You’ll find great places to go, people to watch, things to do, interesting stuff to know and stories to inspire the ultimate Mercedes-Benz fans.   
The team was tasked to redesign the site to be more flexible, more closely focused on the user journey and how that user will consume the published content. Equal focus was set on enhancing CMS functionality to allow Mercedes-Benz's content providers more freedom in story telling. 
02. bedding down the UX
Insights gathered around user needs, content and business requirements allowed the team to establish a hierarchy of information and functionality which informed the base of the MBlife platform and its layout. 
The platform required flexibility for multiple content types, which lead to a modular approach with interchangeable components that could be plugged into any content page.
03. crafting the experience
The challenge for the overall art direction was to keep a healthy balance between the Mercedes-Benz brand and ensuring that we steer clear of any brand sales intent from the users state of mind. The interface had to be simplistic in design to illuminate and draw focus to the content. 
Position, tone and interaction were the focal points of the design, which catered for any type of content that could be uploaded. As imagery played a critical role in the visual appeal of the site, we had to cater for all types of imagery, be it light, dark, simplistic or detailed. This informed placement of titles, iconography and interactions around various components.
04. The results
Website stats from January 2015 to May 2015 compared against the same period in 2014:
Other improvements included an increase of returning visits month to month and more social sharing of content than ever before.

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