ROAR Communications

Identity, UX, UI Design + Direction @ Hellocomputer

01. Introduction
The team was tasked to develop an internal communication tool that drives corporate messaging and business information within Tiger brands Africa.
Introducing ROAR a centralised communications system where employees can make some noise, express themselves and connect with others whilst learning about the inner workings of Tiger Brands.
02. Establishing the brand
As an extension of the brand, the design direction must display the following characteristics…  
Bold - Demonstrating the strength of the brand 
Diversity - Displaying the variety of brands and people
Approachable - A warm friendly nature with an open door policy
Expressive - Showcasing the personality of the brand and its people
03. Web application prototype
04. building a connected ecosystem
A centralised data repository distributes and populates content to all areas of communication. 
As most of Tiger Brands staff are factory based, we proposed extending the communication tool on location allowing staff to connect and have their voice heard through digital installations.

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